The Perfect Day Out

Summer is definitely one of my favourite seasons. The other? Winter. I know. LOL. The complete opposite of Summer is my other favourite season.

I love summer because of how hot it is. You can wear whatever you want. You don’t have to bundle up. It’s perfect. For me, I love heading out to the city with my family and friends and just explore what the city has to offer. I usually go to Toronto which is the closest, biggest city to me. And I love it. I love it soooo much.

Toronto for me has always had a certain kind of energy, one that I can’t describe because it’s so unique. But when you visit Toronto, I’m sure you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about because it’s so unique to the 6ix. (Yes. I just did a Drake reference)

So lately, I’ve been super into wearing loose pants and a graphic t-shirt with my black Birkenstocks. I just really love the vibe that it gives (chill. relax. that vibe, ya know?) The vibe that’s like, yes, I think I know exactly what I’m doing, but like, sike… I don’t. TBH. Hahahaha. Idk. And I really don’t want summer to end. Especially those days where it’s hot out but there’s that perfect breeze. UGH. That seriously is the absolute BEST. I can’t.