Hong Kong was soo hot omg!

About two weeks ago, I went to Hong Kong with my aunt, uncle, and cousins for my aunt and uncles wedding anniversary! It was so much fun spending time with my family and exploring Hong Kong for the very first time. Hong Kong in June was definitely pretty hot weather and although I was coming from the Philippines, I was not used to the weather at all.

I had so much fun and I can’t wait to come back! (Why do I keep saying this after every time I visit a new place)

Also, I was able to get a windbreaker from Zara so that I could finally join the club. Yay!


the one essential fashion fad that i am LIVING for

i LOVE fashion. fashion is definitely something that i have a strong appreciation for. one item of fashion that has been a big trend in recent years and is something that i am soooo living for is:

the white sneaker.

yup. that’s it. i know everyone and their mother and father and sisters and brothers have a pair. i have five. i’m completely obsessed. i think i love it so much because it adds an edge to your outfit and makes it so much cooler. i can just imagine it with every outfit imaginable. my favourite pair of all white sneakers are probably between my ultra boost 2.0 and my tubulars.

see you next week!

please note: i take no credit for photos used in my post. 


i’m one of those people that really like dressing up. even during exams. i don’t care. i’ll spend thirty minutes picking out an outfit. but, i’ve put a couple life hacks to simplify the dressing up process esp. during exam season. here are my go-to pieces!

i. SWEATPANTS are maybe one of the best inventions i’ve ever seen. and they’re perfect for exam season because they’re so comfortable and easy to look cool in at the same time.

ii. an OVERSIZED SWEATER is one of the most comfortable things to wear especially after a long day. pair them with black ripped jeans and converse and you’re good to go.

iii. i love a good GRAPHIC TEE. it’s perfect with ripped jeans or sweatpants. they’re so casual without trying to be casual at the same time. you really can’t go wrong with one.


one thing that really helps make you look put together especially when you’re focusing on anything other than fashion during exam season is having a nice COAT or JACKET. a simple jean jacket or black peacoat really makes a difference in an outfit and can make you look so put together without trying that hard.

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Note: I take no credit for photos used in this post.