Moving Up and Moving Out

This Sunday – like many others who have before me, who are alongside me, and who will – I am officially moving out of my childhood home and into a university dorm. Needless to say, I’m excited and nervous to see all that awaits me. I feel so ready to be independent, to rely only on myself, forge new friendships, and to see what my years in university has to offer. 

As much as I’d like to swiftly let go of the past, there are a few things that I would like to hold on to, and to remind myself of in times of reflection.

Change is good. I’m so incredibly nervous about moving out, but I know that this new chapter in my life will bring so much joy and happiness. Although I can’t picture exactly what that is, I’m excited to find out.

Friendships matter. I believe that checking up on friends that I’ve known since grade school and high school is something that’s important. Those who have made such a huge impact on my life deserve at least that.

Call your parents. They are the ones who have and will always have your back. Check in on them every once in awhile. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it and you will too.

I’m sure there are many more things I’m forgetting to note, but for now, this is all. Here’s to a new chapter within an adventure of a lifetime!

Note: I take no credit for photos used in this post. 

How I Got $1 MLB Baseball Tickets!

I love watching sports. The energy, the thrill, just everything about it excites me. I love watching hockey, basketball, baseball – anything. Being a current student with no full-time job, I am not eager to buy tickets at full price. If there’s a way to buy tickets at a cheaper price, I’ll take it.  As in $1 cheap.

To buy tickets for $1, you have to use third-party sites. I know it seems sketchy at first glance, but trust when I say that these sites are usually 95% reliable. The sites I trust are VividSeats, SeatGeek, and StubHub. Please note that none of the sites mentioned have reached out to me or asked me to mention them in any way.

The first thing you need to do to score $1 tickets is to buy tickets on an “off day.” An off day would be a game on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. The reason for this is these days are generally when people have work, school, and other commitments. Note that the seats won’t be the best, but I mean for $1, what more can you ask? Buying $1 tickets on a Friday though will get you seats far up in the 500s, and only if you’re lucky.

The second thing you need to score $1 tickets in seats that don’t suck is to use a coupon code. This works on a first time purchase only. I’m talking seats in the 100s to 200s. Yup! You heard me right! It IS possible to score good seats for $1 tickets apiece. Now, how was I able to do this, you ask?

I used a third party platform and the site I used was SeatGeek. I used a YouTuber by the name of Monica Church’s coupon code, “MONICA.” I simply typed it in and got a $20 voucher. I bought tickets to a Blue Jays game on a Tuesday and was able to get seats in the 200s. What a deal! The tickets were originally $11 each (already cheap enough) but with the code, managed to get it down to $1.

So that’s how I managed to buy cheap MLB tickets! I would definitely recommend trying this out the next time you’re planning on watching a baseball game, and even though you may not get it for $1, you’d still be saving quite a bit of money.

Note: I take no credit for photos used in this post.