My Long-Term Goals and Aspirations

I’ve realized that it’s important to carry goals and aspirations in life.

It can change, that I understand.

But for right here, right now; these are my goals and aspirations in this life of mine.

I’d like to be close to my family.

At the same time, I’d like to have a few close friends.

I’d like to graduate from university. I want to know that I worked hard, I never took my studies for granted, and that I made sure I did my very best through it all.

I’d like to end up working and living in Toronto afterwards.

I hope I find someone like how my father found my mother.

I hope one day I’ll be able to be the creative director of a fashion or cosmetic brand.

In between that, I hope I can be a makeup artist.

I’d like to be able to live in the UK at some point in my life. I also hope that I’ll end up experiencing a part of my 20’s in New York City somehow.

I’d like to stay close with my siblings in particular.

I hope I stay healthy, that I never take my health for granted.

I want to enjoy my youth, but at the same time, not be afraid to get older.

i would like to stay close to some of the friends that i appreciate most now. I hope that they find happiness and joy in little things.

And finally. I hope that at the end of each day, I am happy and joyful and content.

Please note: I take no credit for the photo used in this post.