My Long-Term Goals and Aspirations

I’ve realized that it’s important to carry goals and aspirations in life.

It can change, that I understand.

But for right here, right now; these are my goals and aspirations in this life of mine.

I’d like to be close to my family.

At the same time, I’d like to have a few close friends.

I’d like to graduate from university. I want to know that I worked hard, I never took my studies for granted, and that I made sure I did my very best through it all.

I’d like to end up working and living in Toronto afterwards.

I hope I find someone like how my father found my mother.

I hope one day I’ll be able to be the creative director of a fashion or cosmetic brand.

In between that, I hope I can be a makeup artist.

I’d like to be able to live in the UK at some point in my life. I also hope that I’ll end up experiencing a part of my 20’s in New York City somehow.

I’d like to stay close with my siblings in particular.

I hope I stay healthy, that I never take my health for granted.

I want to enjoy my youth, but at the same time, not be afraid to get older.

i would like to stay close to some of the friends that i appreciate most now. I hope that they find happiness and joy in little things.

And finally. I hope that at the end of each day, I am happy and joyful and content.

Please note: I take no credit for the photo used in this post.


Why Journaling Is So Important

I think writing down random, needless thoughts is one of the most important things to do in life. Having been writing down my thoughts and ideas for many years now, it has got me into being one of it’s strongest advocates. Here’s why.

1. Writing is a stress reliever.
Journaling allows us to process our thoughts and emotions in a clearer way. Instead of lashing out at a person, we can throw our anger out on paper. This is a win-win situation for everyone. No harm, no foul. I love writing things down at the end of the day; when I’m tired, lonely, happy, stressed, honestly. Whatever it may be.

2. Ideas can come in the strangest of forms.
We can write in our rooms, on our couch, on the bus, in a restaurant. Ideas can come from anywhere. Writing them down is so much more satisfying then typing them on a phone or a laptop. Yes, a phone may be able store our thoughts forever, but the act of writing it down entails a feeling that nothing else can satisfy or replace.

3. Writing is one of the most honest forms of communication.

Writing something down makes it feel more permanent. A promise, a letter, a note. It makes whatever you’re saying more heartfelt and meaningful. I think this is why I prefer to write things down opposed to saying it out loud. In writing, the emotions are felt just as much, or may I argue, even more so than it would be if it were through a private message on social media.