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Something to know about me — I LOVE to travel. Here are my favourite travel apps for cheap flights, what places I choose to go to/visit when in a new location, and more!



Skyscanner is a HUGE favourite app of mine that I use mainly to find cheap flights. I also use their Price Alert feature to get notified when flight prices go down, which is perfect! I also put in my flight information in the app which automatically adds it to my iPhone Calendar and so is such an added convenience. 


Skiplagged is another favourite cheap travel app that I use. What’s different about this app is that they show you ‘Hidden City’ flights which in essence means that your ticket is from A, layover at B, and final destination is C. But, you get off during stop B. They have this option available because a flight from A to C is cheaper than a straight flight from A to B. The app explains how this works much better. Highly recommend!

What To See


I use Lonely Planet’s Guides app to find the best restaurants, things to see, where to stay, what to eat, and more. I LOVE the Lonely Planet travel guides as I find that they always give the best recommendations. To have full access in the app there is a subscription charge which costs varies by country, but I find it super worth it as a 6-month subscription is around the same price as one travel book. 


To book accommodations, I use these apps the most:

I love because it usually has the cheapest prices. Before booking, I always make sure to check the accommodations website and compare prices and usually Booking has the best. What’s also great is that for most accommodations, they have a ‘Free Cancellation’ option. To save money when I travel with friends, I always stay in Hostels!


HostelWorld is another great option for booking cheap and affordable hostels! Sometimes there’ll be hostels that you can’t find on but pop up in HostelWorld so I find that it’s nice to have a few more great options to choose from

And those are my favourite apps I use for travel!


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