The Power of a Photograph

I love taking pictures. Of people, places, and things. I think that’s why photography is exceptional. Because you capture a moment in time. Something that you’ll never get back.

I’ve always admired portraits in particular, especially of those I know so well. I think it’s because you can see a different light of someone in their lives. You seem them timid, sombre, and in a unfamiliar environment.

Photographs capture time, something that ticks and will never stop for you. This is a phenomenal invention and one that our society today has taken for granted. With social medias like Instagram, where you can share every single moment of your life, images are not as respected as they should be. It’s not an art form anymore, it’s become so much less.

My only hope in the future is that the art of photography is still a medium that takes people back in time, to a moment of pure reflection. Photographs are so powerful, where it is able to connect history to present-times, this is a feeling that I will always have. Although not many things can do that, a photograph certainly can.

Note: I don’t take any credits for any photos used in this post. 

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