What If?


The unconquerable “what-if’s.” So helpless. So honest. So blunt. I think that it’s hard for all of us – at least in some point in our lives – to not look back and ask ourselves the question, “what if?” What if I stayed? What if I chose this opportunity? What if this happened instead? Would I still be the same person? Would I be better? More successful? Much happier?

I think the best answer to this unanswerable question is to live with no regrets, without so much as a glance in the past. Maybe there are some things that you wish you could’ve changed – I have many of these too –  but living with these mistakes is a part of life. Learning and growing is an aspect of life and it shouldn’t be something that we hold ourselves against for a long period of time.

Questioning the decisions we’ve made will only make it worse. We need to take a deep breath, wipe off the past, and move on. This is the hardest because it’s the one where we’re most vulnerable and at our lowest. We’ve realized the mistakes we’ve made and we know that there is no turning back. As hard is this is, it is what is right in a world that feels wrong.

I just hope that the next time I have to make a big decision I have enough confidence in myself to ensure that the decision I make feels like the right choice because that’s all that I can ever really hope for.

Note: I take no credit for the photos used in this post. 

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